Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Why The Body Can Be Obese ?

PEOPLE complain that they can not get their dream weight. Some are going to very thin , but not be -able, permanent body fleshy, heavy still did not want to go down - down .

So all readers , today I will share great tips why the body can be obese .

 1 . Energy imbalance in the body.

To ensure that your weight is in the normal BMI or ideal weight , you need to ensure that the available energy in your body at a normal pace and balance.

This means that the value of balanced calories and energy you get must be at a rate equal to the amount of energy you produce.

Energy or to be acquired by ingestion of calories while they are being released through activities , exercises and so on .

Therefore , make sure that you are always balancing the calories and energy in your body.
Plenty of leisure activities, Cut calorie intake .

 2 . Sedentary life style .

This many people do . Many of us who often adopt unhealthy lifestyle . In short, an inactive lifestyle .
According to the study , watching television or away from the computer for two hours a day on a continuous basis , may be associated with the risk of weight gain !

Really , we can not want to avoid this case . I 'm always working at a computer , or even there a way ? Yes , that's why I say , this lifestyle also plays a considerable role in determining the weight once you .

If we look also to the economic development of our country and this earth in general , we do not may want to deny that the world is getting moved forward and developed . Lifestyle even farther changed.

If first - grandfather and grandfather grandmothers we are capable of running hundreds of meters to the garden , we this day how ? To the store to buy newspapers even ride .

3 . Genetic and family factors .

This all can not want to avoid . Your mom got a great body , your father got fat, how to do ? Hit accept . Redha alone what it is ( to try ) .
Yes , the probability of you being fat is much higher if both parents were obese .
The study found that genetics also influence the rate of formation of fat in your body . It also affects where and how the fat will accumulate in the body member . This all depends on the family and genetic factors .

 4 . Health factors .
Some diseases also associated with obesity factor . Among them is hypothyroidism ( lack of thyroid hormone in the body), Cushing's syndrome and polycstic ovarian syndrome.
Lack of thyroid hormone in the body will lower the rate of metabolism in the body . This will further reduce energy values ​​will be released , and will directly increase your weight.

 5 . Medicines.

Medication that you use will also affect weight such as antidepressant , corticosteroid and so on . Some medications taken can reduce the rate of burning calories in the body .
Some even indirectly can increase appetite and increase the amount of water accumulation in the body .

 6 . Emotional factors .

Emotions also play a role. When we are emotionally disturbed , usually entire lives will be affected, right?
When you are depressed, angry , stressful , boring and so on , this will directly affect the rate of your diet .
Many people who are currently in this situation will take more food to try to relieve the stresses of life , to get rid of their stress at the time.

 7 . Smoking .

Yes , the number seven I think this is suitable for all the smoke. It could be said the good news for them all .
Is not that, because according to studies , smoking can reduce a person's weight . This is because the nicotine contained in cigarettes can increase the rate of calorie burning in the body .
Ha , that's why we always see many of our friends who quit smoking this much appetite. Reason, yes ? This is because when they quit smoking , their body will burn calories at a slower rate , more slowly than before . Too fat to be burned later .

If once the time smoking , no nicotine to enhance calorie burning , now have disappeared . In the past, nicotine can help to make you slim , now have disappeared .
So , that is why they are more obese after quitting smoking , because they burn more calories low value after quitting smoking .

However, bang , sister, sister , smoking is one habit that is very dangerous in the health and lives. Stop smoking , because smoking is more dangerous than the risk of weight gain ,

By smoking , you will increase the probability of a double - double for various diseases and cancer. Mention anything cancer and disease in the world , almost the entire risk related to smoking .

So , my advice , stop smoking .

 8 . Age

When you grow old , you will begin to lose value and quantity of your muscles , especially for those who are less active . Lack of muscles in turn lowers the rate of burning calories in the body and increase the risk of weight gain.

Therefore , if you fail to reduce the calories in your body , you are more at risk for obesity .

 9 . Pregnancy ( Pregnancy ) .

Pregnancy also affects the rate of your obesity . When women are pregnant , they require more energy and calories to participate earned their unborn child .

Many women complain that they are difficult to regain their ideal weight after giving birth.

 10 . Lack of sleep .

Yes , even the problem of sleep deprivation . Many sleep problems , lack of sleep got problems ? Really , when you lack sleep , you also run the risk of weight gain.

Hormone produced by the body while you sleep will control your appetite rate , will also control the rate of utilization of available energy in your body .

For example , the hormone insulin to control blood sugar in your body when you sleep . Therefore , when you are not getting sleep , do not be surprised if the energy content of sugar in your body is very similar to diabetes sufferers .

Again? Yes , when you get less sleep continuously , you will also have a high hormone in the body called ghrelin . Hormone ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for increasing the rate of your appetite .

At the same time , when the lack of sleep, you will also have a low content of leptin hormone in the body . Leptin hormone is responsible to hold your appetite .

SO, now it's all there at your self . You are entitled to determine your weight . If you want to continue with your current weight , then maintain .

For those who want to change, then change . Each of us had a dream , there is hope and aspiration respectively . Hopefully everything will be achieved.