Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Why The Body Can Be Obese ?

PEOPLE complain that they can not get their dream weight. Some are going to very thin , but not be -able, permanent body fleshy, heavy still did not want to go down - down .

So all readers , today I will share great tips why the body can be obese .

 1 . Energy imbalance in the body.

To ensure that your weight is in the normal BMI or ideal weight , you need to ensure that the available energy in your body at a normal pace and balance.

This means that the value of balanced calories and energy you get must be at a rate equal to the amount of energy you produce.

Energy or to be acquired by ingestion of calories while they are being released through activities , exercises and so on .

Therefore , make sure that you are always balancing the calories and energy in your body.
Plenty of leisure activities, Cut calorie intake .

 2 . Sedentary life style .

This many people do . Many of us who often adopt unhealthy lifestyle . In short, an inactive lifestyle .
According to the study , watching television or away from the computer for two hours a day on a continuous basis , may be associated with the risk of weight gain !

Really , we can not want to avoid this case . I 'm always working at a computer , or even there a way ? Yes , that's why I say , this lifestyle also plays a considerable role in determining the weight once you .

If we look also to the economic development of our country and this earth in general , we do not may want to deny that the world is getting moved forward and developed . Lifestyle even farther changed.

If first - grandfather and grandfather grandmothers we are capable of running hundreds of meters to the garden , we this day how ? To the store to buy newspapers even ride .

3 . Genetic and family factors .

This all can not want to avoid . Your mom got a great body , your father got fat, how to do ? Hit accept . Redha alone what it is ( to try ) .
Yes , the probability of you being fat is much higher if both parents were obese .
The study found that genetics also influence the rate of formation of fat in your body . It also affects where and how the fat will accumulate in the body member . This all depends on the family and genetic factors .

 4 . Health factors .
Some diseases also associated with obesity factor . Among them is hypothyroidism ( lack of thyroid hormone in the body), Cushing's syndrome and polycstic ovarian syndrome.
Lack of thyroid hormone in the body will lower the rate of metabolism in the body . This will further reduce energy values ​​will be released , and will directly increase your weight.

 5 . Medicines.

Medication that you use will also affect weight such as antidepressant , corticosteroid and so on . Some medications taken can reduce the rate of burning calories in the body .
Some even indirectly can increase appetite and increase the amount of water accumulation in the body .

 6 . Emotional factors .

Emotions also play a role. When we are emotionally disturbed , usually entire lives will be affected, right?
When you are depressed, angry , stressful , boring and so on , this will directly affect the rate of your diet .
Many people who are currently in this situation will take more food to try to relieve the stresses of life , to get rid of their stress at the time.

 7 . Smoking .

Yes , the number seven I think this is suitable for all the smoke. It could be said the good news for them all .
Is not that, because according to studies , smoking can reduce a person's weight . This is because the nicotine contained in cigarettes can increase the rate of calorie burning in the body .
Ha , that's why we always see many of our friends who quit smoking this much appetite. Reason, yes ? This is because when they quit smoking , their body will burn calories at a slower rate , more slowly than before . Too fat to be burned later .

If once the time smoking , no nicotine to enhance calorie burning , now have disappeared . In the past, nicotine can help to make you slim , now have disappeared .
So , that is why they are more obese after quitting smoking , because they burn more calories low value after quitting smoking .

However, bang , sister, sister , smoking is one habit that is very dangerous in the health and lives. Stop smoking , because smoking is more dangerous than the risk of weight gain ,

By smoking , you will increase the probability of a double - double for various diseases and cancer. Mention anything cancer and disease in the world , almost the entire risk related to smoking .

So , my advice , stop smoking .

 8 . Age

When you grow old , you will begin to lose value and quantity of your muscles , especially for those who are less active . Lack of muscles in turn lowers the rate of burning calories in the body and increase the risk of weight gain.

Therefore , if you fail to reduce the calories in your body , you are more at risk for obesity .

 9 . Pregnancy ( Pregnancy ) .

Pregnancy also affects the rate of your obesity . When women are pregnant , they require more energy and calories to participate earned their unborn child .

Many women complain that they are difficult to regain their ideal weight after giving birth.

 10 . Lack of sleep .

Yes , even the problem of sleep deprivation . Many sleep problems , lack of sleep got problems ? Really , when you lack sleep , you also run the risk of weight gain.

Hormone produced by the body while you sleep will control your appetite rate , will also control the rate of utilization of available energy in your body .

For example , the hormone insulin to control blood sugar in your body when you sleep . Therefore , when you are not getting sleep , do not be surprised if the energy content of sugar in your body is very similar to diabetes sufferers .

Again? Yes , when you get less sleep continuously , you will also have a high hormone in the body called ghrelin . Hormone ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for increasing the rate of your appetite .

At the same time , when the lack of sleep, you will also have a low content of leptin hormone in the body . Leptin hormone is responsible to hold your appetite .

SO, now it's all there at your self . You are entitled to determine your weight . If you want to continue with your current weight , then maintain .

For those who want to change, then change . Each of us had a dream , there is hope and aspiration respectively . Hopefully everything will be achieved.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Advantages and Benefits of Tomato

TOMATO is a red fruit that can be eaten raw . However , not all people love it! Did you know that tomatoes contain a variety of unique benefits , including helping to prevent deadly disease ?
The red color is due to lycopene , a carotenoid or a natural compound that gives red color to tomatoes and a variety of natural nutritional antioxidants that are good for health.

Besides having antioxidants , foods containing lycopene may also reduce the risk of some types of cancer and disease research. Foreign researchers found that the high content of lycopene in tomato paste , tomato sauce and tomato juice.

Nutrition Consultant at the National Heart Institute ( IJN ) , Mary Easaw John said the best way to increase the amount of lycopene in the human body is through the consumption of tomato -based foods and culinary products made ​​from the material.

Based on scientific studies , lycopene can help prevent certain diseases such as prostate cancer , lung cancer and stomach cancer . Lycopene may also help reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol ) and thereby controlling blood pressure to stabilize, he said in The Red Campaign health talks in the capital, recently . The campaign is organized by global food companies , Heinz , which produces ketchup, condiments and sauces range .

Mary said , the best source for lycopene is from spaghetti sauce , tomato juice , watermelon , tomato paste , tomato soup , chili sauce and cocktail sauce . He said about 80 percent contained lycopene in tomatoes and tomato products but the truth is, cooked tomatoes contain lycopene is higher.

This is because the cooking process will break down the tomato cell wall thus allowing the human body to absorb lycopene . However, he said , preferably sure not to use excessive oils and fats when cooking to ensure better absorption of lycopene .

Among the advantages and tomatoes are good ....

1 . Good For Diabetes

Carbohydrate content in tomato is very low then it is good for diabetics. Tomatoes are said to be very effective in controlling the percentage of sugar in diabetic urine .

2 . Good for Eyes

Let us hear this for carrots and berry good to the eye , tomatoes are also good for the eyes actually . Because rich in vitamin A, tomatoes are very beneficial for eye health and night blindness, farsightedness and other eye diseases due to vitamin deficiency. Tomato leaves are useful for the treatment of optic nerve and weak points. Take a handful of freshly picked tomato leaves . Rinse and soak for 15 minutes in hot water ( not too hot ) in a closed container. This water is a tonic for the eyes and optic nerves. Should eat a spoonful of tea before taking the main meal 3 times a day .

3 . Good For Obesity

Tomatoes are very useful in the treatment of obesity. Eat one or two ripe tomatoes early in the morning without breakfast for 2 months. This is considered a safe method for weight reduction . At the same time , it provides food elements essential to preserve health.

4 . Good For Irritable Bowel and Liver

Drink a full glass of fresh tomato juice . Mix with a pinch of salt and pepper . Drunk in the early morning. It is effective tips to reduce drunk pregnant women, treat gallbladder and liver related problems and jaundice. Also effectively treat digestive problems, intestinal wind and constipation .

5 . Better Breathing Disorders

Before going to bed , swallow three cloves of garlic. Then drink a full glass of fresh tomato juice and a pinch of honey mixed with cardamom powder . This is effective in treating TB tips and lung infections . It increases the body's defense and prevent rejection and mixing medications is common in TB patients . For asthma patients , this treatment soothes feeling of tightness in the bronchioles and mucus production ( mucus ) and extreme cramps .

6 . Good For Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat tomatoes . Eating tomato -based products ( or cooked tomatoes ) can increase lycopene content in breast milk . This is certainly good for the baby's health .

Tips on Choosing TOMATO ...

For the most nutritious , choose the red ripe tomatoes .

For more tasty , the tomatoes soak some in water. The sink is more delicious than a float . This is because the sink has more sugar content .

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Benefits of Banana for Health

Banana is a fruit that comes from Southeast Asia and was brought by Muslim missionaries to West Africa , Central and South America , then spread to banana tropical and subtropical regions around the world . and now Indonesia is the 4th country in the world's largest banana producer , so do not be surprised if we get this fruit is very easy .

Bananas have turned many benefits for health , many people are already aware of this fruit , and almost all Indonesian people know the article of fruit banana is very easy to get . but even so I 'm sure there are many people who do not know the benefits of this fruit is the banana . Bananas contain three natural sugars are glucose , fructose , and sucrose . besides bananas contain natural sugars also contain lots of fiber which is very good to help the digestive system in the body .

There are so many nutrients that are found in bananas , here are some of the nutrients in bananas .

Nutritional Content of Bananas

1 . Carbohydrate 25.8 mg
2 . Protein 1.2 mg
3 . Calcium 8 mg
4 . Fiber 0.7 mg
5 . 1 mg sodium
6 . Phosphorus 2.8 mg
7 . Calories 99 mg
8 . Fat 0.2 mg
9 . 28 mg iron
10 . 44 mg Vitamin A , Vitamin B , B6 - B12 , C 3 mg , and water 72 .

Nutrient content that's contained in the bananas , and maybe you are curious about the benefits of bananas , what are the health benefits of bananas ? . please be listened to more .

Benefits of Bananas for Health

1 . Overcoming Anemia 
Bananas contain iron which is relatively high that bananas can help the function of hemoglobin in the body . for people with anemia are advised to consume banana regularly, it is so nice to restore blood pressure in the body and helps to stabilize hemoglobin .

2 . Helps Improve Concentration .
If you are difficult to perform concentration , then you should eat bananas , because bananas contain calcium which serves to increase the concentration .

3 . Overcoming Diarrhea and Constipation .
As I mentioned at the beginning , bananas contain a lot of fiber that will help fungus digestion . other than that contained potassium in bananas are very good for people with diarrhea , and bananas contain pectin, one type of fiber that dissolves in water .

4 . As a Source of Energy and Sense of Solving Tired .
As we know that the soft texture of bananas will be easily digested by the body , in addition to the natural sugar content contained in a banana would be a good source of energy for the body .

5 . Very Beneficial For Pregnant Women .
Bananas contain acid which is very easy to absorb by the fetus through the mother's womb . even so eating a banana in excess is not good for the fetus because bananas contain high calories .

6 . As a Skin Softening Mask .
Mix the banana porridge with honey and milk , stirring until evenly distributed , and apply on your face and leave for 30 minutes . and rinse with warm water , then rinse again with cold water , do it regularly every day , then in less than 15 days your skin will be smoother and more aesthetically clean .

Well so Banana Fruit Benefits I can give here , do not forget to follow the latest article updates from Health Tips , which certainly would be more interesting than Banana Fruit Benefits , may be useful .

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Risk Sitting Too Long To Health

Risk Sitting Too Long To Health . Whether you are an office worker who always spent time in the seat ? If the answer is yes , you should be wary . Recent research indicates , those who spend their time sitting for 11 hours or more , had a 40 percent greater risk of dying within the next three years , regardless of whether you are physically active or not .

As published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine March 26 issue , researchers from Australia deliver a serious threat of lifestyle is less active or sedentary . They analyzed data on more than 222,000 people aged 45 years or older . Results of the study indicated that the risk of death increased when a person tends to spend his time with seating for 11 hours every day . This risk is 15 percent higher than those who sat fewer than 4 hours per day .

" Evidence regarding the ill effects of sitting too long on health conditions have sprung up over the last few years , " said study researcher , Hidde van der Ploeg , a senior researcher from the University of Sydney .

In its study , the researchers also found that as many as 62 percent of the study participants claimed to have excessive weight or obesity . Meanwhile , nearly 87 percent said they are in good health , and another quarter said it spent at least 8 hours to sit down every day .

Van der Ploeg explains , those who sit too long will increase the risk of death up to double within the next three years than those who rarely sit or active lifestyle . Whereas among adults who are inactive and sitting too long , the risk is one-third more likely to die than those who rarely sat .

Of the study also revealed , participants on average spent 90 percent of his free time to sit down , and less than 50 percent that meet the World Health Organization recommendations ( WHO ) to perform physical activity for 150 minutes per week . Therefore , Van der Ploeg advise office workers to be more active lifestyle .

" Look for ways to change the habit of sitting for too long . Try to be a lot of standing or walking where possible , " he said .

Van der Ploeg acknowledged the limitations of the findings . He asserted that these findings do not prove causality and say need further studies to replicate the findings and focus more on the influence of the development sits on conditions such as diabetes , cancer and heart disease .

" All of this research in the future will inform us about the exact relationship between sitting and health conditions , which will ultimately result in public health recommendations such as what we already have , such as for physical activity , " he concluded .

Friday, 27 September 2013

Female Hair Loss

In recent years, more and more women begin to experience hair loss premature graying . For many women , hair is increasingly rare indeed insulted especially hair began to fall from the top of the head .

Medical researchers say that hair loss factors between men and women are different .

Female hair loss is caused by :

Postnatal Syndrome
Women at high risk of losing their hair when they are in a phase of pregnancy. After delivery, the amount of blood loss causes loss of blood circulation and hormone balance. 3-5 months after birth , hair loss can reach 30 % due to noise and readjustments occur in the body .

Phase Menstruation , Menopause
Contraceptive pills and pill discontinuation or women going through menopause will begin to experience hormonal imbalance . During menstruation, the channel and the hair follicles may not be getting enough nutrients due to disruption in the flow of "food" throughout the body .

Yo Yo Dieting
Young woman in extreme dieting will cause their bodies lack many nutrients. Daily diet plan with fruits , vegetables or just skipping meals can be harmful to the body. At this rate , the hair will fall out because of the lack of proteins needed by the hair cells to function.

Working Pressure
Modern women are always under pressure . This makes them anxious and restless . When one is in a panic , he not only restless but normal blood circulation will be disturbed and cause scalp secrete abundant amounts of oil . Stress can also cause premature graying.

Do not think that men are the only ones who suffer from hair loss due to heredity. Women can also experience ! As a woman ages , her hormonal secretion will begin to decrease and if the parents and relatives to experience hair loss , she will suffer from premature hair loss .

The type of female hair loss are common including postpartum syndrome , oily scalp , hair loss due to illness , hair loss due to bacterial infections and dandruff . If your hair dandruff, is very oily , branched , easy to break and very itchy , you are likely to suffer serious hair problems . Seek consultation from a hair expert . If you take action quickly , you can still handle it. If not , it will lead to permanent hair loss problems.

If you are a woman who is concerned about the look , make sure you seek professional help as soon as you see the problem on your hair . Experts will be able to provide you with a detailed analysis and recommend appropriate treatment for your unique hair condition . In no time , you will get back the hair healthy, shiny and thick .

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Smoking Lifestyle : Cause Died at Young Age

Disease ' attacking ' human is infectious or epidemic diseases such as tuberculosis , malaria or HIV and the disease caused by the man himself as diabetes , heart disease , cancer and stroke.

However , from all kinds of diseases caused or human generated , there are a number of serious diseases that are classified as ' chronic ' because it triggers almost twice the number of deaths worldwide than other causes of death . Group of disorders known as chronic non- communicable diseases ' ( CNCD ) was subsequently raised concerns among scientists and physicians to lead efforts and research done to overcome transmission.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO ) , the disease included in the category CNCD is related to cardio vascular disease , diabetes second , related chronic respiratory diseases as well as several types of cancer. Director of the International Institute for Global Health Related , University Organization of the United Nations ( UNU- IIGH ) , Tan Sri Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Yasin , said CNCD very worried because the cause of about 60 percent of deaths worldwide.

" More worrisome is CNCD chronic diseases account for 44 percent of deaths were of young patients , overall mortality was twice involved infectious diseases including HIV / AIDS , tuberculosis and malaria , " he said.

He said that , from an economic standpoint , the CNCD also a terrible negative impact on the productivity of a country. Estimated in the next 10 years, China , India and the United Kingdom , each will lose U.S. $ 558 billion , U.S. $ 237 billion and U.S. $ 33 billion as a result of death due to disease knonik people concerned.

" Without any effort to stop the spread of CNCD , an estimated 388 billion seturuh world population will die from the disease within 10 years , but a total of 36 billion people die at a young age by 2015 , " he was appointed the first director of UNU- IIGH since the institute was established on 1 March 2007.

Among the factors contributing to the increase in the number of cases is the average lifespan CNCD Longer population , use tobacco or smoking , lack of physical activity and unhealthy food choices .

"Actually, most of the causes of the spread of this disease can be prevented CNCD because it involves a person's lifestyle . Much as 80 percent of deaths at a young age from heart disease , stroke or diabetes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle in addition to knowledge of the pharmaceutical aspects , " he said.

He said there CNCD chronic diseases caused by smoking , and thus to stop smoking, it indirectly able to cope with the spread of the disease.

Studies of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ( UKM ) and the Ministry of Health led by Professor Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid found a total 93.306 people in this country die from diseases caused by smoking from 2004 to 2007 . "In fact, every year , over 33,000 new cases recorded for heart disease , lung cancer ( almost 3,000 ) and chronic asthma disease (about 12,800 ) are due to smoking , " he said.

He said the government has spent about RM3.4 billion a year to treat the three diseases involved and the amount of it can certainly be channeled to other benefits that would be better if the smoking habit can be Discontinued or reduced.

"But to stop smoking is a major challenge in the country. Study found 49 percent of adult males (aged 18 and over ) smoking even five per cent of women . Study found that the number of female smokers increased from 20 years ago. Previously only 0.5 per cent but now it is five per cent. cause could be due to more young women now a career , professional and influence of cigarette advertising , " he said.

The adverse effects of smoking as a trigger CNCD cause some countries to take stringent measures against the article to reduce the number of smokers in their country .

" Canada for instance try to reduce the number of smokers in their country by raising the price of cigarettes with high rates , forbade selling cigarettes in sticks besides increasing smoke-free, " he said.

He said CNCD preventative aspect can be achieved through the integration of the various parties involved in science, technology , and social policy , from the government down to the people lower down.

Accordingly, Mohamed Salleh said he at UNU- IIGH will perform a variety of research in the field of global health , including the quality of the health care system , the study of disease and kawatan methods , development of information technology in the next health effects of climate change and the impact of globalization on health.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cancer : Increase in Developing Countries

To mark World Cancer Day , the American Cancer Society has released a new report that warns that the lifestyle associated with economic growth in developing countries is causing increased occurrence of cancer worldwide.

In fact , most of the cases and new cancer death in the world ( 7.1 million and 4.8 million , respectively) is happening in the countries of the developing economies , according to the author of the report. This , according to them , reflecting increased acceptance of unhealthy behaviors - such as smoking , sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits - which often accompanies economic development .

The report , " Global Cancer Facts & Number ( Global Cancer Facts & Figures ) " , expressing lung cancer , breast and colorectal are contributing to this increase .

Of those , about one- third of cancer deaths occurred worldwide in 2008 (equivalent to approximately 7300 deaths per day ) could be avoided by focusing on the risk factors that can be avoided , such as smoking , drinking, pattern infection and eating habits , said chief medical officer Dr. American Cancer Society . Otis W. Brawley in an editorial along with the report.

" Application of the global cancer control knowledge according to ability and development of a country or region can lead to greater prevention of cancer death in the next two or three decades " he said in a release from the association.

" To achieve that, however , public health agencies nationally and internationally , the government , donors , and the private sector should play a major role in the development and implementation of national programs and international cancer control worldwide" he added.

Full analysis of the American Cancer Society is scheduled for release , together with the editorial Brawley , in CA : A Cancer Journal for February 4 edition of clinicians .

Author of the report stated that although the number of global disease in 2008 ( 12.7 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths ) , the number is expected to almost double by 2030 as the world population increases and growing old .

In developed countries , as in 2008 , prostate cancer , lung cancer and colorectal are the most can be avoided in men , while breast cancer , colorectal and lung are the most common in women.

In contrast, in developing countries, the greatest risk to man is a cancer of the lung, stomach and liver, and breast cancer , lung cancer and cervical cancer are the main threats to women.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kidney Patients are Risky to Suffer Impotence

The kidneys are important organs in the human body . If the vital organs are damaged , they do not stand in its place except a kidney transplant from a donor or patient to undergo dialysis for life.

Do you know a man's kidneys have an important role and is closely related to the owner of sexual ability than women.

Although the development of modern medicine is able to provide a variety of medications to help with the inability of the male sexual contact but might a man closely associated with the nervous system, testes and blood vessel system in which organs ni communicate directly with their kidney activity .

The probability of chronic kidney patients suffer impotence sex is great. Indirectly, this other patients experience less pain and rate of blood pH falls , the blood vessels will also be narrowed as a result of long-standing hypertension nesting in patients body . It also does not exclude the blood vessels in the penis.

As we all know , kidney pain sufferers endure a lot of problems. Physically, as well as changing physical changes above , patients are also susceptible to infection in the urinary tract ( urinarius thalamocortical tract ) . And this also results in disturbed mentally . Mental disorders may occur and it is sometimes caused by too much about the big expense to look to cure the disease. Mental factors will then make kidney failure patients experience loss of his sex passion .

Often patients with kidney disease not thinking sexual again. Automatically cut off of their minds because of sex too can figure out how kidneys function again. Kidney disease can strike anyone regardless of age or gender of the person. For a young , sexual problems can not be ignored. To overcome this problem, the patient should seek psychotherapy because these sex problems arising from psychological disorders of the patient.

Many factors cause kidney pain . The emergence of kidney stones can also cause kidney pain becomes more chronic. The same goes for those who often suffer from tonsil . This disease must be treated to recover. If allowed to persist can cause inflammation of the kidneys ( nephritis glumerulo ) which eventually can cause serious kidney pain . If your child is found eye swelling, hurry to the doctor so that they can know for sure what the cause is and whether it happened because of problems or abnormalities in the kidneys.

Patients with kidney disease should get regular check-ups so that the disease does not continue escalating into something more serious . Should it be a permanent roost for kidney stones, kidney could not work and it had to be operated upon to be replaced . This is more critical for you because medical cost are very high . And more important concern affecting your sexual power .

So take care of your kidneys.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Heart Care Tips

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body . Without it , surely we all inanimate . Therefore , to ensure the well-being and health of our bodies , it is particularly appropriate since and early attention given to heart .

One thing to keep in mind , our heart will continue to beat as long as there is still life to pump enough blood to the body's cells use . Yet because of the unhealthy lifestyle , most of us tend to get a heart attack.

As known , a heart attack is one of the leading causes of death among people in developed countries and developing country like Malaysia. Fact , not a heart attack can not be avoided . The only difference we have to keep our heart from now on . How should I proceed ?

Firstly, we must start good habits since childhood so that it ( good practices ) continues until adulthood .

There are many ways and given tips on how to how to take care of our heart .

Weight Control

Obesity often trigger other risk factors such as high fat levels , high blood pressure , diabetes and so on . Therefore, being overweight should be reduced to a value suitable for a person 's body shape .

And often , obesity is caused by excess food that may be practiced since childhood. In reality, those who have overweight not active , thus the high calories in the food they are not used .

Then the excess is converted into fat food that was gathered in certain parts of the body such as thighs, stomach and heart , without lag . But when fat accumulates in the heart , it will interfere with the work of the heart.


For those who want to lose weight , can avoid fat -rich foods such as butter , cheese , ghee and coconut meal .

Own heart patients are advised to take just a little bit of fatty foods . Foods that contain cholesterol should be avoided . These include eggs , butter , liver , brain and so on . Oil use in food preparation should also be limited. On the other hand , encouraged foods cooked steamed and grilled . Cooking this way is better .

Vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers , cabbage and all kinds of green leafy vegetables than fruit is to ensure the preservation of good health and well-being . It is very nice once it is practiced every day consumption .

Another thing related to nutrition is advised not to consume alcohol. It not only complicate efforts to lose weight but also potentially harmful to the body , especially the liver .

Quit Smoking

The majority of those who get heart attack is among the smoke. If ever having a heart attack , should be in accordance with the doctor's advice to stop smoking cigarettes practices . Is capable of reducing the risk of recurrence of heart attack .


Exercise is a great way to keep fit. Jogging , walking and cycling are examples of exercise for those who have suffered a heart attack .

In short , any exercise done regularly is good and obviously this activity can reduce the risk of heart disease .

Exercise helps the heart circulate blood more effectively . The rest , to exercise regularly also makes the blood pressure is lowered .

Changes in lifestyle

Risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension / high blood pressure is often associated with the practice or way of life . This covers aspects of nutrition , leisure activities , smoking and so on .

In this way , if our practice , good change. Practice a healthy lifestyle can certainly keep our body , thus keeping heart that life is always peaceful.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Emotional Disorders Can Cause Hair Loss

Pressure feeling or soul identified as the main cause of hair loss compared with the use of excessive chemicals which are on sale in the market. Hair loss stress results involve the same number of average men and women .

Incidents of hair loss with stress is often found . Approximately 60 percent of patients who suffer from hair loss is due to stress problems such as worry , not enough sleep and a balanced diet .

Experienced depression usually not as serious as family problems , depression or involve romance . There are also traumatized as a result of an accident or incident horrific death of loved ones.

Pressure unknowingly encourage individuals do weird habits such as plucking hair on the head , causing most of the head is bald . Stress can also lead to insomnia problems and patterns of malnutrition that can cause irritation to the hair .

Some are suffering from depression due to the death of a loved one and begin to pull out scalp hair up to reveal unnoticed. Before a client undergoing treatment , the therapist usually first take their background such as heredity , hormonal imbalances or excessive use of chemicals to identify the real problems faced . Next the patient will be given appropriate treatment according to the level of problems .

If the real problem stems from stress, the customer must first undergo counseling because it is the root of the success of the treatment to be undertaken. If the real problem is not solved , it will be repeated even if we are able to provide treatment for the hair regenerates .

Between the counseling provided is to advise our customers live a healthy lifestyle as plenty of exercise because sweating helps to calm the mind.

In addition to exercise, a balanced food intake also plays an important role in overcoming problems related to hair . Therefore , they should be given guidance on healthy diet like eating more fruits and vegetables. Carbon drink coffee like water and gas can aggravate the problem of hair loss .

Drinks should be avoided if possible and drink more plain water or water that can cool the body such as barley , soybeans or oil .

Healthy hair had a miscarriage between 30 to 120 strands per day , but this amount is being replaced. However , the problem of hair loss is much more than this amount and do not have children as a replacement hair to hair loss.

Hair loss , especially among adolescents was due to excessive use of chemicals such as mouse , hair spray or dyes . The use of chemicals in the hair before coloring whitening process is also one of the factors contributing to the weak and the simple structure of hair loss.

Finer hair structure more easily damaged hair perming and technical activities straighten . However , many young people do not bother to beautiful effect and follow the current hair style . They are advised to know the state of their hair first before using any chemicals or techniques to get the desired hairstyle .

For example , if the amount of hair they are too little , you should not curling your hair because it can worsen the situation and damage the hair . If want to color the hair , make sure you often do hair treatments or immediately consult an expert when shedding too much hair looks .

To maintain healthy hair , hair oiling practice more often with the use of natural oils such as coconut oil , other hair treatment on a regular basis . Balanced diet and peace of mind also affect hair health and shine .

Chances of recovery are high, ranging from 70 to 78 per cent , but this depends on yourself. If they are diligent , the recovery process can occur more quickly , between two and half to three months . For more serious cases such as trauma, may take up to one and a half years to allow the hair to grow long term.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Not necessarily skinny is HEALTHY

Not necessarily skinny is healthy . Fat surrounding vital organs like the heart , liver and pancreas - invisible to the naked eye - as dangerous as the fat that forms part of the body shape of obese people .

" Skinny does not automatically mean you're not fat, " said Dr. Jimmy Bell , Professor of Molecular scan at Imperial College , London . Since 1994 , Bell and his colleagues to scan more than 800 people to produce fatter map ' to find where the stored fat .

According to data obtained by Bell , who maintain their weight through diet , have more fat, even to the naked eye they look thin . This scenario is more dangerous because skinny people always feel they are healthy because not overweight .

Previously, skinny people are considered more active and healthy , but skinny people who do not become active as well as high risk by those who are obese and inactive . However , the good news in the fat can be burned through exercise or improve dietary intake .

"If you want to look lean , the diet is already sufficient , but to be lean and healthy , exercise is an important component of lifestyle , " said Bell.

Of the 800 respondents , Bell found that 45 percent have a BMI between 20 and 25 people have more fat stored . Of these 60 per cent are men. Scenario named as TOFIs - ' thin outside, fat inside " . " Over the thin one , the greater the kejutannya , " he said.

Those who lean more often eat fatty foods , sugary foods and not exercising, but the amount is not enough nutrition to make them fatter in appearance .

Scientists believe the body to hide the fat in the fat first before ' appear ' in other parts of the stomach. However , many experts believe BMI is a measure of right to good health .

Nutritionist from the British Medical Research Council ( BCIC ) , Dr. Toni Steer , said medical experts are not sure about the dangers of fat on the inside , but some experts predict it could contribute to the risk of heart attacks and diabetes , is based on the theory of fat on the inside of interrupt communication system . Covers a fat internal organs might be sending the wrong body chemical signals to store fat inside organs like the liver and pancreas . It can lead to problems of insulin resistance ( type 2 diabetes ) or a heart attack .

" Being a skinny does not mean he immune to diabetes or at risk of attack on the heart attack , " said Dr. Loius Teichholz from Hackensack Hospital , New Jersey .

Teichholz said , those who have normal weight mass may also have higher levels of fat ' saved ' a surprise .

Friday, 20 September 2013

Be Active !

Finding the time in life and too busy to exercise is a challenge for all Malaysians who was busy . This is true especially for those who also are parents or employed full time or both. But the benefits of exercising are far greater than the expense of the working time . And for anyone who has successfully managed the time to do so will tell you how happy they were to find that time. They will tell you how much more energetic they are , and how they can do a better job with more than before they started to work out regularly. So there is no reason for you ! Make an active action in determining your future . You deserve to give yourself the gift of living well with good health .

Why Be Active So Important?

The facts are clear : By exercising as little as 30 minutes each day you can reduce your risk for heart disease . Without regular physical activity , the body slowly loses its strength and ability to function properly . Physical activity = living healthier longer.

Physical activity will help to : Lower blood pressure, increase "good" cholesterol HDL in your blood , control blood sugar by improving how your body uses insulin , reduce feelings of stress or stress , control weight and make you feel like about yourself .

Brief Guidelines

Health experts recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of strenuous exercise . Or a mixture of medium and heavy . Physical activity is anything that makes you move your body and burn calories, such as climbing stairs or playing sports . Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling benefit your heart . Strength exercises and stretching exercises are the best for your overall stamina and flexibility .

To increase physical activity in your lifestyle , you can try :

  • Parking a little further from your intended
  • Take a stroll or sightseeing on foot all day working around the workplace
  • Play with friends and family.

The simplest, positive change you can do to improve your heart health is to start walking effectively . It's fun , free , easy , able to meet the eyes of people, and also a great workout !

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why Need To Manage Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure is the most obvious factor for heart disease . When your blood pressure in a healthy range , you will reduce the stress on the heart , arteries and kidneys which makes you healthier longer.

Check your high blood pressure , also known as hypertension , mean blood flow in your arteries flows with a force that is too high and put pressure on your arteries , stretching beyond a healthy limit and causing microscopic tearing ( tearing fine ) . Our bodies then switch to healing mode to repair these tears with scar tissue . But unfortunately , this scar tissue traps plaque and white blood cells that can form blockages , blood clots , and hardening of the arteries and weak .

By keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range , you :

Reduce the risk of excessive stretch or injure the walls of your blood vessels .
Reduce the risk of blockages also protect the heart and brain .
Protect your whole body tissues so you get a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood that it needs .

What Consequences of High Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure that is not controlled can injure or kill you . It is sometimes called the "silent killer" because it is missing the mark . About 80 % of the world population have got hypertension in their lifetime and one in three adults has high blood pressure , however , many do not realize got it . High blood pressure is not controlled kill many people and cause a lot of chaos in their living by causing heart disease and stroke ( stroke ) .

Blockages and blood clots mean less blood can reach our vital organs , and without blood , the dead tissue . That's why high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack , kidney failure , and even heart failure .

What Can I Do To Reduce My Blood Pressure ?

This is excellent news ! High blood pressure is manageable . No matter your blood pressure is high or normal (normal is less than 120 mm Hg systolic AND less than 80mm Hg or diastolic < 120/80 ) under the lifestyle modifications provide heart - healthy living plan that's great for all of us.

Furthermore, these changes can lower your blood pressure without the use of any prescription medication :

- Eating heart - healthy foods , which include reduction of salt in food ;
- Enjoy regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight ;

- Manage stress , do not drink alcohol , and avoiding tobacco smoke .

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hair Loss

Hair loss problem is common to hit an adult, especially when already old men and women after childbirth . Hair loss can sometimes lead to stress, when seeing the little hair that sticks in , on the floor, pillows and so on .

We actually often experience hair loss process - grow back . It is a normal process , and a little worse after the 3rd month ( usually ) birth . A mother will experience hair loss ( usually associated with his habit of spraying saliva) .

Let's look at the symptoms of hair loss this more clearly :

Permanent Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia
For men , pattern baldness can begin from the beginning, even in the teens or early 20s . It is typically characterized by a receding hairline started receding on the sides bald forehead and top of the head . The end result can be partially bald or balding continue .
For women , usually have hair loss begins with thinning at the front , side or top. Women usually maintain their front hairline and rarely experience complete baldness .

Cicatricial alopecia
This situation rarely occurs when there is inflammation of the hair follicles. The resulting scarring causes permanent hair loss . Sometimes it starts with the itching disease or other illness .

Temporary Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata
This type of hair loss usually occurs locally . It can cause patchy hair loss on any area that has hair, including eyebrows , eyelashes and beard . In these cases are rare , it can progress to cause hair loss throughout the body . If the hair loss includes your scalp , this condition is called alopecia totalis . If it involves your whole body, it is called alopecia universalis . Pain and itching can be a cause of hair loss , but symptoms are often minimal.

Telogen effluvium
Types of temporary hair loss occurs suddenly , most often after a significant illness or depression. A fistful of hair can come out when combing or washing your hair or may fall even diusap gently. This type of hair loss usually causes overall hair thinning and balding less .

Traction alopecia
Bald effects can occur if you regularly wear certain hairstyles , such as pigtails , braids or cornrows , or if you use tight rollers . Hair loss usually occurs between the rows or at the part where hair is pulled tightly .

Anagen effluvium
This type of hair loss caused by chemotherapy .

Hair Loss Causes Common

Severe fever
After suffering severe fever usually someone will find hair rather serious miscarriage . But it will be back to normal .

Hormonal reactions that cause a birth mother suffered a serious hair loss problem . But it will recover within 6-12 months .

Protein deficiency
Inadequate protein intake and poor diet cause hair experiencing problems. This is because the hair is built by proteins.

Some medicines can cause hair loss occurs , for example high blood pressure medication , gout medication and so on.

Hair loss can also became the single symptom of the diseases that you may not realize is diabetes. Undergo inspection if you experience severe hair loss with health conditions somewhat unsatisfactory .

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Control Your Cholesterol Level

What is Cholesterol ?

Cholesterol comes from two sources : your body and food . Your liver and other cells in your body produce 75 percent of blood cholesterol . The remaining 25 percent comes from the foods you eat .

LDL cholesterol is the 'bad' . When it's too much cyclical in the blood, it can clog arteries, increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke. LDL cholesterol is produced naturally by the body, but many people inherit genes that cause them to produce too much . Eating saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol also increase the amount of food available to you .

Recommendations from the Expert

It is important for everyone to know their cholesterol level . Total blood cholesterol is the most common measurement of blood cholesterol . It is the amount you get from the test results. Cholesterol is measured in milligrams per deciliter blood ( mg / dL ) . Cholesterol level of 200 mg / dL or more to put yourself in the high -risk category and be the cause for you to act .

How To Lower Cholesterol

The good news is , you can lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke . Whether you have been given prescription medication or advised to make diet and lifestyle changes to help lower your cholesterol , follow your doctor's recommendations properly. To keep your cholesterol in your control is recommended : create table to test cholesterol , eat foods low in cholesterol and saturated fat and free of trans fat , maintain a healthy weight and be physically active .