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Advantages and Benefits of Tomato

TOMATO is a red fruit that can be eaten raw . However , not all people love it! Did you know that tomatoes contain a variety of unique benefits , including helping to prevent deadly disease ?
The red color is due to lycopene , a carotenoid or a natural compound that gives red color to tomatoes and a variety of natural nutritional antioxidants that are good for health.

Besides having antioxidants , foods containing lycopene may also reduce the risk of some types of cancer and disease research. Foreign researchers found that the high content of lycopene in tomato paste , tomato sauce and tomato juice.

Nutrition Consultant at the National Heart Institute ( IJN ) , Mary Easaw John said the best way to increase the amount of lycopene in the human body is through the consumption of tomato -based foods and culinary products made ​​from the material.

Based on scientific studies , lycopene can help prevent certain diseases such as prostate cancer , lung cancer and stomach cancer . Lycopene may also help reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol ) and thereby controlling blood pressure to stabilize, he said in The Red Campaign health talks in the capital, recently . The campaign is organized by global food companies , Heinz , which produces ketchup, condiments and sauces range .

Mary said , the best source for lycopene is from spaghetti sauce , tomato juice , watermelon , tomato paste , tomato soup , chili sauce and cocktail sauce . He said about 80 percent contained lycopene in tomatoes and tomato products but the truth is, cooked tomatoes contain lycopene is higher.

This is because the cooking process will break down the tomato cell wall thus allowing the human body to absorb lycopene . However, he said , preferably sure not to use excessive oils and fats when cooking to ensure better absorption of lycopene .

Among the advantages and tomatoes are good ....

1 . Good For Diabetes

Carbohydrate content in tomato is very low then it is good for diabetics. Tomatoes are said to be very effective in controlling the percentage of sugar in diabetic urine .

2 . Good for Eyes

Let us hear this for carrots and berry good to the eye , tomatoes are also good for the eyes actually . Because rich in vitamin A, tomatoes are very beneficial for eye health and night blindness, farsightedness and other eye diseases due to vitamin deficiency. Tomato leaves are useful for the treatment of optic nerve and weak points. Take a handful of freshly picked tomato leaves . Rinse and soak for 15 minutes in hot water ( not too hot ) in a closed container. This water is a tonic for the eyes and optic nerves. Should eat a spoonful of tea before taking the main meal 3 times a day .

3 . Good For Obesity

Tomatoes are very useful in the treatment of obesity. Eat one or two ripe tomatoes early in the morning without breakfast for 2 months. This is considered a safe method for weight reduction . At the same time , it provides food elements essential to preserve health.

4 . Good For Irritable Bowel and Liver

Drink a full glass of fresh tomato juice . Mix with a pinch of salt and pepper . Drunk in the early morning. It is effective tips to reduce drunk pregnant women, treat gallbladder and liver related problems and jaundice. Also effectively treat digestive problems, intestinal wind and constipation .

5 . Better Breathing Disorders

Before going to bed , swallow three cloves of garlic. Then drink a full glass of fresh tomato juice and a pinch of honey mixed with cardamom powder . This is effective in treating TB tips and lung infections . It increases the body's defense and prevent rejection and mixing medications is common in TB patients . For asthma patients , this treatment soothes feeling of tightness in the bronchioles and mucus production ( mucus ) and extreme cramps .

6 . Good For Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat tomatoes . Eating tomato -based products ( or cooked tomatoes ) can increase lycopene content in breast milk . This is certainly good for the baby's health .

Tips on Choosing TOMATO ...

For the most nutritious , choose the red ripe tomatoes .

For more tasty , the tomatoes soak some in water. The sink is more delicious than a float . This is because the sink has more sugar content .

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