Saturday, 21 September 2013

Not necessarily skinny is HEALTHY

Not necessarily skinny is healthy . Fat surrounding vital organs like the heart , liver and pancreas - invisible to the naked eye - as dangerous as the fat that forms part of the body shape of obese people .

" Skinny does not automatically mean you're not fat, " said Dr. Jimmy Bell , Professor of Molecular scan at Imperial College , London . Since 1994 , Bell and his colleagues to scan more than 800 people to produce fatter map ' to find where the stored fat .

According to data obtained by Bell , who maintain their weight through diet , have more fat, even to the naked eye they look thin . This scenario is more dangerous because skinny people always feel they are healthy because not overweight .

Previously, skinny people are considered more active and healthy , but skinny people who do not become active as well as high risk by those who are obese and inactive . However , the good news in the fat can be burned through exercise or improve dietary intake .

"If you want to look lean , the diet is already sufficient , but to be lean and healthy , exercise is an important component of lifestyle , " said Bell.

Of the 800 respondents , Bell found that 45 percent have a BMI between 20 and 25 people have more fat stored . Of these 60 per cent are men. Scenario named as TOFIs - ' thin outside, fat inside " . " Over the thin one , the greater the kejutannya , " he said.

Those who lean more often eat fatty foods , sugary foods and not exercising, but the amount is not enough nutrition to make them fatter in appearance .

Scientists believe the body to hide the fat in the fat first before ' appear ' in other parts of the stomach. However , many experts believe BMI is a measure of right to good health .

Nutritionist from the British Medical Research Council ( BCIC ) , Dr. Toni Steer , said medical experts are not sure about the dangers of fat on the inside , but some experts predict it could contribute to the risk of heart attacks and diabetes , is based on the theory of fat on the inside of interrupt communication system . Covers a fat internal organs might be sending the wrong body chemical signals to store fat inside organs like the liver and pancreas . It can lead to problems of insulin resistance ( type 2 diabetes ) or a heart attack .

" Being a skinny does not mean he immune to diabetes or at risk of attack on the heart attack , " said Dr. Loius Teichholz from Hackensack Hospital , New Jersey .

Teichholz said , those who have normal weight mass may also have higher levels of fat ' saved ' a surprise .

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