Friday, 27 September 2013

Female Hair Loss

In recent years, more and more women begin to experience hair loss premature graying . For many women , hair is increasingly rare indeed insulted especially hair began to fall from the top of the head .

Medical researchers say that hair loss factors between men and women are different .

Female hair loss is caused by :

Postnatal Syndrome
Women at high risk of losing their hair when they are in a phase of pregnancy. After delivery, the amount of blood loss causes loss of blood circulation and hormone balance. 3-5 months after birth , hair loss can reach 30 % due to noise and readjustments occur in the body .

Phase Menstruation , Menopause
Contraceptive pills and pill discontinuation or women going through menopause will begin to experience hormonal imbalance . During menstruation, the channel and the hair follicles may not be getting enough nutrients due to disruption in the flow of "food" throughout the body .

Yo Yo Dieting
Young woman in extreme dieting will cause their bodies lack many nutrients. Daily diet plan with fruits , vegetables or just skipping meals can be harmful to the body. At this rate , the hair will fall out because of the lack of proteins needed by the hair cells to function.

Working Pressure
Modern women are always under pressure . This makes them anxious and restless . When one is in a panic , he not only restless but normal blood circulation will be disturbed and cause scalp secrete abundant amounts of oil . Stress can also cause premature graying.

Do not think that men are the only ones who suffer from hair loss due to heredity. Women can also experience ! As a woman ages , her hormonal secretion will begin to decrease and if the parents and relatives to experience hair loss , she will suffer from premature hair loss .

The type of female hair loss are common including postpartum syndrome , oily scalp , hair loss due to illness , hair loss due to bacterial infections and dandruff . If your hair dandruff, is very oily , branched , easy to break and very itchy , you are likely to suffer serious hair problems . Seek consultation from a hair expert . If you take action quickly , you can still handle it. If not , it will lead to permanent hair loss problems.

If you are a woman who is concerned about the look , make sure you seek professional help as soon as you see the problem on your hair . Experts will be able to provide you with a detailed analysis and recommend appropriate treatment for your unique hair condition . In no time , you will get back the hair healthy, shiny and thick .

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