Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kidney Patients are Risky to Suffer Impotence

The kidneys are important organs in the human body . If the vital organs are damaged , they do not stand in its place except a kidney transplant from a donor or patient to undergo dialysis for life.

Do you know a man's kidneys have an important role and is closely related to the owner of sexual ability than women.

Although the development of modern medicine is able to provide a variety of medications to help with the inability of the male sexual contact but might a man closely associated with the nervous system, testes and blood vessel system in which organs ni communicate directly with their kidney activity .

The probability of chronic kidney patients suffer impotence sex is great. Indirectly, this other patients experience less pain and rate of blood pH falls , the blood vessels will also be narrowed as a result of long-standing hypertension nesting in patients body . It also does not exclude the blood vessels in the penis.

As we all know , kidney pain sufferers endure a lot of problems. Physically, as well as changing physical changes above , patients are also susceptible to infection in the urinary tract ( urinarius thalamocortical tract ) . And this also results in disturbed mentally . Mental disorders may occur and it is sometimes caused by too much about the big expense to look to cure the disease. Mental factors will then make kidney failure patients experience loss of his sex passion .

Often patients with kidney disease not thinking sexual again. Automatically cut off of their minds because of sex too can figure out how kidneys function again. Kidney disease can strike anyone regardless of age or gender of the person. For a young , sexual problems can not be ignored. To overcome this problem, the patient should seek psychotherapy because these sex problems arising from psychological disorders of the patient.

Many factors cause kidney pain . The emergence of kidney stones can also cause kidney pain becomes more chronic. The same goes for those who often suffer from tonsil . This disease must be treated to recover. If allowed to persist can cause inflammation of the kidneys ( nephritis glumerulo ) which eventually can cause serious kidney pain . If your child is found eye swelling, hurry to the doctor so that they can know for sure what the cause is and whether it happened because of problems or abnormalities in the kidneys.

Patients with kidney disease should get regular check-ups so that the disease does not continue escalating into something more serious . Should it be a permanent roost for kidney stones, kidney could not work and it had to be operated upon to be replaced . This is more critical for you because medical cost are very high . And more important concern affecting your sexual power .

So take care of your kidneys.

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