Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cancer : Increase in Developing Countries

To mark World Cancer Day , the American Cancer Society has released a new report that warns that the lifestyle associated with economic growth in developing countries is causing increased occurrence of cancer worldwide.

In fact , most of the cases and new cancer death in the world ( 7.1 million and 4.8 million , respectively) is happening in the countries of the developing economies , according to the author of the report. This , according to them , reflecting increased acceptance of unhealthy behaviors - such as smoking , sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits - which often accompanies economic development .

The report , " Global Cancer Facts & Number ( Global Cancer Facts & Figures ) " , expressing lung cancer , breast and colorectal are contributing to this increase .

Of those , about one- third of cancer deaths occurred worldwide in 2008 (equivalent to approximately 7300 deaths per day ) could be avoided by focusing on the risk factors that can be avoided , such as smoking , drinking, pattern infection and eating habits , said chief medical officer Dr. American Cancer Society . Otis W. Brawley in an editorial along with the report.

" Application of the global cancer control knowledge according to ability and development of a country or region can lead to greater prevention of cancer death in the next two or three decades " he said in a release from the association.

" To achieve that, however , public health agencies nationally and internationally , the government , donors , and the private sector should play a major role in the development and implementation of national programs and international cancer control worldwide" he added.

Full analysis of the American Cancer Society is scheduled for release , together with the editorial Brawley , in CA : A Cancer Journal for February 4 edition of clinicians .

Author of the report stated that although the number of global disease in 2008 ( 12.7 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths ) , the number is expected to almost double by 2030 as the world population increases and growing old .

In developed countries , as in 2008 , prostate cancer , lung cancer and colorectal are the most can be avoided in men , while breast cancer , colorectal and lung are the most common in women.

In contrast, in developing countries, the greatest risk to man is a cancer of the lung, stomach and liver, and breast cancer , lung cancer and cervical cancer are the main threats to women.

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