Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why Need To Manage Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure is the most obvious factor for heart disease . When your blood pressure in a healthy range , you will reduce the stress on the heart , arteries and kidneys which makes you healthier longer.

Check your high blood pressure , also known as hypertension , mean blood flow in your arteries flows with a force that is too high and put pressure on your arteries , stretching beyond a healthy limit and causing microscopic tearing ( tearing fine ) . Our bodies then switch to healing mode to repair these tears with scar tissue . But unfortunately , this scar tissue traps plaque and white blood cells that can form blockages , blood clots , and hardening of the arteries and weak .

By keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range , you :

Reduce the risk of excessive stretch or injure the walls of your blood vessels .
Reduce the risk of blockages also protect the heart and brain .
Protect your whole body tissues so you get a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood that it needs .

What Consequences of High Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure that is not controlled can injure or kill you . It is sometimes called the "silent killer" because it is missing the mark . About 80 % of the world population have got hypertension in their lifetime and one in three adults has high blood pressure , however , many do not realize got it . High blood pressure is not controlled kill many people and cause a lot of chaos in their living by causing heart disease and stroke ( stroke ) .

Blockages and blood clots mean less blood can reach our vital organs , and without blood , the dead tissue . That's why high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack , kidney failure , and even heart failure .

What Can I Do To Reduce My Blood Pressure ?

This is excellent news ! High blood pressure is manageable . No matter your blood pressure is high or normal (normal is less than 120 mm Hg systolic AND less than 80mm Hg or diastolic < 120/80 ) under the lifestyle modifications provide heart - healthy living plan that's great for all of us.

Furthermore, these changes can lower your blood pressure without the use of any prescription medication :

- Eating heart - healthy foods , which include reduction of salt in food ;
- Enjoy regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight ;

- Manage stress , do not drink alcohol , and avoiding tobacco smoke .

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