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Benefits of Banana for Health

Banana is a fruit that comes from Southeast Asia and was brought by Muslim missionaries to West Africa , Central and South America , then spread to banana tropical and subtropical regions around the world . and now Indonesia is the 4th country in the world's largest banana producer , so do not be surprised if we get this fruit is very easy .

Bananas have turned many benefits for health , many people are already aware of this fruit , and almost all Indonesian people know the article of fruit banana is very easy to get . but even so I 'm sure there are many people who do not know the benefits of this fruit is the banana . Bananas contain three natural sugars are glucose , fructose , and sucrose . besides bananas contain natural sugars also contain lots of fiber which is very good to help the digestive system in the body .

There are so many nutrients that are found in bananas , here are some of the nutrients in bananas .

Nutritional Content of Bananas

1 . Carbohydrate 25.8 mg
2 . Protein 1.2 mg
3 . Calcium 8 mg
4 . Fiber 0.7 mg
5 . 1 mg sodium
6 . Phosphorus 2.8 mg
7 . Calories 99 mg
8 . Fat 0.2 mg
9 . 28 mg iron
10 . 44 mg Vitamin A , Vitamin B , B6 - B12 , C 3 mg , and water 72 .

Nutrient content that's contained in the bananas , and maybe you are curious about the benefits of bananas , what are the health benefits of bananas ? . please be listened to more .

Benefits of Bananas for Health

1 . Overcoming Anemia 
Bananas contain iron which is relatively high that bananas can help the function of hemoglobin in the body . for people with anemia are advised to consume banana regularly, it is so nice to restore blood pressure in the body and helps to stabilize hemoglobin .

2 . Helps Improve Concentration .
If you are difficult to perform concentration , then you should eat bananas , because bananas contain calcium which serves to increase the concentration .

3 . Overcoming Diarrhea and Constipation .
As I mentioned at the beginning , bananas contain a lot of fiber that will help fungus digestion . other than that contained potassium in bananas are very good for people with diarrhea , and bananas contain pectin, one type of fiber that dissolves in water .

4 . As a Source of Energy and Sense of Solving Tired .
As we know that the soft texture of bananas will be easily digested by the body , in addition to the natural sugar content contained in a banana would be a good source of energy for the body .

5 . Very Beneficial For Pregnant Women .
Bananas contain acid which is very easy to absorb by the fetus through the mother's womb . even so eating a banana in excess is not good for the fetus because bananas contain high calories .

6 . As a Skin Softening Mask .
Mix the banana porridge with honey and milk , stirring until evenly distributed , and apply on your face and leave for 30 minutes . and rinse with warm water , then rinse again with cold water , do it regularly every day , then in less than 15 days your skin will be smoother and more aesthetically clean .

Well so Banana Fruit Benefits I can give here , do not forget to follow the latest article updates from Health Tips , which certainly would be more interesting than Banana Fruit Benefits , may be useful .

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