Monday, 23 September 2013

Heart Care Tips

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body . Without it , surely we all inanimate . Therefore , to ensure the well-being and health of our bodies , it is particularly appropriate since and early attention given to heart .

One thing to keep in mind , our heart will continue to beat as long as there is still life to pump enough blood to the body's cells use . Yet because of the unhealthy lifestyle , most of us tend to get a heart attack.

As known , a heart attack is one of the leading causes of death among people in developed countries and developing country like Malaysia. Fact , not a heart attack can not be avoided . The only difference we have to keep our heart from now on . How should I proceed ?

Firstly, we must start good habits since childhood so that it ( good practices ) continues until adulthood .

There are many ways and given tips on how to how to take care of our heart .

Weight Control

Obesity often trigger other risk factors such as high fat levels , high blood pressure , diabetes and so on . Therefore, being overweight should be reduced to a value suitable for a person 's body shape .

And often , obesity is caused by excess food that may be practiced since childhood. In reality, those who have overweight not active , thus the high calories in the food they are not used .

Then the excess is converted into fat food that was gathered in certain parts of the body such as thighs, stomach and heart , without lag . But when fat accumulates in the heart , it will interfere with the work of the heart.


For those who want to lose weight , can avoid fat -rich foods such as butter , cheese , ghee and coconut meal .

Own heart patients are advised to take just a little bit of fatty foods . Foods that contain cholesterol should be avoided . These include eggs , butter , liver , brain and so on . Oil use in food preparation should also be limited. On the other hand , encouraged foods cooked steamed and grilled . Cooking this way is better .

Vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers , cabbage and all kinds of green leafy vegetables than fruit is to ensure the preservation of good health and well-being . It is very nice once it is practiced every day consumption .

Another thing related to nutrition is advised not to consume alcohol. It not only complicate efforts to lose weight but also potentially harmful to the body , especially the liver .

Quit Smoking

The majority of those who get heart attack is among the smoke. If ever having a heart attack , should be in accordance with the doctor's advice to stop smoking cigarettes practices . Is capable of reducing the risk of recurrence of heart attack .


Exercise is a great way to keep fit. Jogging , walking and cycling are examples of exercise for those who have suffered a heart attack .

In short , any exercise done regularly is good and obviously this activity can reduce the risk of heart disease .

Exercise helps the heart circulate blood more effectively . The rest , to exercise regularly also makes the blood pressure is lowered .

Changes in lifestyle

Risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension / high blood pressure is often associated with the practice or way of life . This covers aspects of nutrition , leisure activities , smoking and so on .

In this way , if our practice , good change. Practice a healthy lifestyle can certainly keep our body , thus keeping heart that life is always peaceful.

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